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"I believe that jewelry is to be appreciated and admired for its innate beauty, and should enhance the beauty of the person it adorns." - Cesar Lim


Cesar Lim graduated from New York's prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology and designed for fashion houses in New York and Europe including Anne Klein, Emanuel Ungaro Solo Donna and GFT Donna SPA. He transitioned to jewelry design serendipitously when an old friend, Alvin Ailey's principal dancer Ms. Elizabeth Roxas-Dobrish, asked him to design a small collection of jewelry for her. After the first showing in New York, CEZUA was born.

Cesar left the fashion world and immersed himself in this new and thrilling art form. Together with his partner, Vlad Lavrovsky, they founded CEZUA (Cesar's childhood nickname) in Beverly Hills, California.

CEZUA's art is daring and ground breaking. His unique "CEZUA" textures are uniquely distinctive and he has created several one-of-a-kind extraordinary pieces.

In 2009, CEZUA opened its first gallery in Beverly Hills, CA.



CEZUA clients are sophisticated, elegant, and extraordinary women. They are successful business entrepreneurs, philanthropists, celebrities, real estate moguls and fashion industry leaders. They are confident, accomplished, and extremely selective when it comes to personal jewelry. CEZUA's mission is to design and create pieces that are inspired by the specific client's career, lifestyle, personality, and individuality. This is the hallmark of his design philosophy where all his creations are a reflection of the client's personality and style. He establishes a relationship with each client enabling him to design new creations based on what best suits each person. CEZUA believes that jewelry should be worn, admired and enjoyed every single day.


Haute couture extends far beyond the fashion industry. CEZUA believes that the meaning of couture is relevant to the type of jewelry he creates. Each piece of CEZUA jewelry is produced in the United States by its team of extraordinarily talented artists. The CEZUA brand is a promise to all its female clients that they will possess a one-of-a-kind, show-stopping, exquisite piece that no other woman could ever imagine wearing.


Precious stones, including diamonds, gold and platinum are the raw materials brought to life through the unparalleled creative talents of CEZUA. The jewelry created for CEZUA clients are a beautiful, and enduring extension of their individuality. These precious stones are investment pieces that retain their value and can live in a family from generation to generation. They never go out of style because when a client is ready to upgrade or modify her jewelry, CEZUA will once again bring its very personal approach to re-set or re-style an existing piece and unveil a magnificent new creation. A cherished family heirloom or a ring that is no longer worn will be given a second chance as a modern piece of jewelry customized for its new future life earrings, necklaces, or perhaps bracelets. The possibilities are truly endless.


Above all, acquiring a high-worth piece of jewelry starts with the confidence required to make such an investment. Our clients understand that CEZUA possesses the highest industry standards outlined by the Gemological Institute of America's 4C's of color, cut, clarity and carat weight. The industry criteria regarding gemstones is the foundation of CEZUA, and these standards are conveyed meticulously by principal, Vlad Lavrovsky, who was educated at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

The reputation for excellence and the dozens of highly satisfied clients of CEZUA are what make CEZUA what is it today. It is this client-artist relationship always comes with the promise of unequivocal beauty and satisfaction.